Thursday, October 20, 2016
Mosaic in Waco

by: Serina Cole

“I never baked a cake until my first night in my own apartment.  It was good and I ate the whole thing for dinner!”

Growing up, Sarah never had the experiences of most young girls.  She never had her nails done, went shopping, watched what she wanted on television or hung out at the mall.  Sarah never had anyone she could tell her secrets, had a boyfriend or very many friends at all.  Sarah had a voice, but no one listened.  She had hopes but never dared to dream.   

At 4 years old, Sarah was placed into the State of Texas Foster Care System where she remained until she was 18 years old and had graduated from high school.  Sarah doesn’t share much about her youth but says there are good memories and bad.

“I remember I moved around a lot,” she said.  “I never had my own room.  I always shared with my foster brothers and sisters.” 

After her graduation, Sarah came to Mosaic and relocated to Waco, ready to begin a new and exciting adventure.  What she hadn’t expected was to be overwhelmed with having to find her own voice.  The biggest and most difficult adjustment for Sarah transitioning into an adult was the ability to make choices.  She had never been asked or allowed to.  She was never given permission to be a teenager or taught to be a young independent woman, until she found her way to Mosaic. 

“I always knew I wanted to live on my own, but never thought I actually could,” Sarah said.  “I never had my own room, now I have a whole apartment!” 

It was love at first sight, Sarah knew she was home the moment she stepped into the small unfurnished apartment.  After looking at several apartments with her Mosaic Case Manager, Amy Godwin, Sarah found a place she could afford, feel safe and live on her own.

“I’m only scared when it storms,” she said. “I just call Mrs. Amy.  I love living by myself!” 

Moving into her own place was the first step in discovering her dreams can come true.  Sarah volunteers several days a week with Fuzzy Friends and hopes to begin working for the organization soon.  She is mending relationships with her family.  She has built lasting friendships, enjoys social outings and found she really enjoys cooking.  This fall, Sarah started attending McLennan County Community College in hopes that one day she can be a Veterinary Technician.   This year Sarah celebrates her 21st birthday.   She has her whole life ahead of her filled with endless possibilities. 

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