Mosaic in Northern Iowa partners with people with intellectual disabilities to provide a meaningful life in a caring community, giving a voice to their needs.

Residential Services

Intermediate Care Facilities for the Intellectually Disabled (ICF/ID) - We have several homes in each community where 24-hour staff supports are available to help people become more independent in home management, vocational skills, medical needs, social skills and community inclusion.

Supported Community Living Services - Full-time or intermittent supports are provided based on individual need, and may consist of light housekeeping, managing bills and transportation to and from appointments or errands. Individuals may live in their own apartments or homes, with their families or in homes owned and operated by Mosaic.

Day Services

Transportation - Individuals who have mobility challenges may arrange transportation (van equipped with lift) through an area transit system that may be operated or contracted by Mosaic.

School Transition Services - Assists with an individual's transition from school to adult life in coordination with the school system. Tailored to a person's interests, this service develops self-help skills, work skills, social skills and community skills. Information about community services is provided to assist with transition preparation.

Meaningful Days - We provide a wide variety of daily activities personalized for each individual, provided both on-site and within the community. Activities may include volunteer opportunities, horseback riding, social time, cooking classes, crafts and games. Staff members are available to help each individual with medical and personal care needs.

Vocational Training - Mosaic realizes that people with disabilities can be productive within the workforce. Staff encourage individuals to learn and improve their work skills and work habits at our on-site vocational training centers, with local businesses or in our retail locations, KrysMart in Forest City and KrysKorner in Clarion. Individuals earn money based upon their personal work level and productivity.

Supported Employment - We encourage and assist people in obtaining jobs in the community. Through one-on-one time spent with an employment specialist, we assess a person's overall employ-ability during a two-week assessment process, teach job skills and assist with the application and interview process. Many businesses in our community support inclusion and provide opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities.

Specialized Therapies based therapies in addition to counseling services. We work with individuals to help them maintain access for these needed therapies, whether privately funded or available to them through Medicaid and/or waiver funded resources.  

Community Connections - With assistance, people are encouraged to participate in the religious services of their choice. Mosaic strives to work with all religions to promote inclusion within various faith communities. We also partner with organizations to connect people with volunteer opportunities, in order to give back to our communities.

Community Retailers - Mosaic in Northern Iowa provides retail stores in Forest City (KrysMart, located at 1305 S. Hwy. 69) and Clarion (KrysKorner, located at 121 1st Ave. NE) that provide employment opportunities. These locations accept donations of good quality used/new items from the community and also purchase some items from large box stores to enhance the selection provided to the public. People selecting Mosaic as a provider have also been successful in starting their own business within these settings.

Mosaic Voices – An advocacy group started by the people supported by Mosaic in Northern Iowa looking to create a community and world that welcomes all people.

MAJOPA - MAJOPA is a majestic estate created by John K. and Luise V. Hanson and donated to us in June of 2001. It is located on Hwy 69 South, in Forest City. MAJOPA is primarily used for administrative offices, as well as vocational and life skills training. The lower level provides space for therapy, some offices and dining for the people served by MAJOPA. A substantial portion is also available for public use for events or meetings. More information about renting this space for your event.

For more information on our services or how to receive them, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.