Mosaic in Northeast Nebraska partners with people with intellectual disabilities to provide a meaningful life in a caring community, giving a voice to their needs.

Mosaic in Northeast Nebraska provides the following supports:

Job Coaching­ - Staff provides training for people to perform job tasks to the employer's specifications and to learn the interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted as workers at the job site.

Assisted Day Services­ - This setting provides structured supervision and training, or job coaching in a setting where staff are on­site and available when the person served is present.

Assisted Residential Services­ - Offers structured supervision, evaluation, training, independent living and social/recreational skills. Homes are located in residential neighborhoods where the people we serve are active members of their neighborhoods and communities.

Supported Day Services­ - This service provides structured supervision and training, typically in community settings. Individuals in this program receive intermittent supervision and training and will not be required to have staff present on­site at all times.

Supported Residential Services­ - Offers intermittent services to maintain or increase independent living skills. For people who live in their own apartments or homes or with family members, Mosaic staff provide individualized supports including assistance with banking, grocery shopping, medical appointments, and accessing their communities. Typically, people are eligible if they do not require staffing 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Host Homes­ - Provide families the opportunity to provide services in their homes to people we serve.

Respite­ - Provides support for family caretakers to enable time away.

ICF­-ID (Intermediate Care Facilities for people with Intellectual Disabilities)­ - A six bedroom home where staff and nursing care are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CDD (Center for Developmentally Disabled)­ - A six bedroom home where staff are available 24 hours a day and nursing care is available 8 hours a day.

School Contracts­ - These contracts provide one­-on-­one concentrated assistance for students in elementary and secondary schools.

Recreational Opportunities­ - Mosaic believes that everyone should be provided with opportunities to obtain wholeness of life, including the satisfaction of recreation. Community resources for recreation, such as bowling, horseback riding and swimming help meet the social and leisure needs of people.

Spiritual Opportunities­ - As a faith­-based organization, Mosaic supports spiritual nurturing and growth. With the assistance of staff and volunteers, people are encouraged to participate in the religious services of their choice. Mosaic strives to work with all religions to promote inclusion within various faith communities.

For additional information on our supports or how to receive them, attend a Discover the Possibilities tour or contact us.