Mosaic in Northern Indiana partners with people with intellectual disabilities to provide a meaningful life in a caring community, giving a voice to their needs.

Residential Services

  • Group Homes - Mosaic in Northern Indiana supports five residential homes in Elkhart and South Bend. Supports are geared to assist people in becoming more independent in home management, vocational skills, community mobility and transportation, and recreation and leisure activities. At Mosaic, we believe each person is capable of growth, development, and learning when exposed to appropriate opportunities.
  • Supported Living Services - People with disabilities also receive supported living services. These services are provided through Indiana's various Home and Community Based Waivers. Some individuals receive full-time supports and others receive intermittent services. Many are supported in their own apartments; others continue to live with their families.

Behavioral Services

  • Behavioral Services - These services are a positive skill-building process based on individual needs. Behavior support plans teach positive behaviors that meet the same needs as the problem behaviors. Programs are approved by the planning team, which includes the individual in care, centered plan, emphasizing the development of desirable and adaptive behaviors.

Day Services

  • Meaningful Days - Offered Monday though Friday, Meaningful Days provides community based vocational training, employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities and other learning activities. What sets Meaningful Days apart from other programs is the wide variety of daily activities focused on individual interest. Examples of opportunities through day programming include gardening classes, horse back riding, bowling, cooking classes, and crafts. A unique sensory room is another benefit of the Mosaic Meaningful Days Program.

Respite Support

  • Respite Care - Mosaic is pleased to offer a wide variety of respite care. Respite is available in home or off site. Our caring staff provides exceptional supports ensuring courteous, respectful and individually focused programming.

Wellness Coordination

  • Wellness Coordination - These services extend beyond those services provided through routine doctor/health care visits required under the Medicaid State Plan and are specifically designed for participants requiring assistance of an RN/LPN to properly coordinate their medical needs.

Creating Opportunities

  • Recreational Opportunities - Mosaic believes that people should be provided opportunities to attain wholeness of life, including the satisfaction of recreation. Community resources for recreation help meet the social and leisure needs of people. Trips to museums, festivals, plays, sporting events are vital to supporting growth in people's lives.
  • Spiritual Opportunities - A special aspect of Mosaic's supports is its emphasis on spiritual nurturing and growth. Opportunities for worship and attending religious services are available to everyone. With the assistance of staff and volunteers, people are encouraged to participate in the religious services of their choice. Mosaic strives to work with all religions to promote inclusion within various faith communities.

To receive supports from Mosaic in Northern Indiana, contact the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Bureau of Disabilities at 574.232.1412 or contact us.

For additional information on our services, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.