Attendees gather for a picture at the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Richard Skorman & Cheryl Wicks
Saturday, August 26, 2017 - 01:00
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

We were proud to open our new home to the community on Thursday, Aug. 24 with the help of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. What an amazing turn out! Around 50 people came to celebrate and lend their support, including donors, staff, volunteers, community partners, family members, and friends. We were busting at the seams! From the Chamber, we welcomed 14 ambassadors and four staff members who helped facilitate the actual "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony." In addition, we are so grateful to City Council Chairman Richard Skorman for representing the city at our event and helping cut the ribbon with our Executive Director, Cheryl Wicks.

As we gave tours of our new office, we heard comments like, "It's obvious you're using every inch of your space. It's more efficient!" and "This is a much better layout for your programs."

Although we have gone significantly down in square footage, our new location is an absolute step forward. The space is clean and new, with separate main lobby and program entrances. We have cut the distance people from our day program need to walk from the buses to our waiting area by about two-thirds. But the most impressive change is the savings - we are saving nearly 40 percent on our rent, which means a balanced budget, more funding to programs, and less to administrative overhead.

Finally, we want to be sure to thank Frank Tuck of NAI Highland Realty for helping us find our new home, as well as helping us secure a sponsorship from NAI Highland to pay for our grand opening celebration. Not only was this event an incredible success, but thanks to Frank and NAI, we didn't have to pull a cent from our budget for it.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our open house possible and who came to celebrate our new home!