Thursday, September 11, 2014
Mosaic in Northeast Nebraska

"We do two different things with Mosaic. Twice a week, a person served by Mosaic uses the upstairs to do crafts. Our most recent involvement started early this year. People served by Mosaic come and help fold the weekly bulletins," said Pam, the Administrative Assistant at Mount Olive Lutheran Church.

This has been mutually beneficial for the church as well as for the people served by Mosaic. Mosaic staff member Tom, who visits the church with those served by Mosaic, said that by doing this it helps people get to be out in the community, learn how to interact with others, and learn about the importance of team work, because they typically fold and place inserts in about 450 bulletins. Even with several people from Mosaic working together, it takes them about 45 minutes. During the week of Easter, they helped stuff seven different bulletin inserts! This was quite the workload, so they took between 12 and 14 people and made an afternoon of it. While they were there working, Pam served them cookies and tea. Giving back to the church helps everyone feel a sense of togetherness, and that they are truly a part of the community. Tom said, "They look forward to going each week.

We are always looking for different volunteering projects in any of our towns - Norfolk, Columbus, Fremont, Ponca, or St. Edward! If you or someone you know is looking for volunteers, please contact the Direct Support Managers in Norfolk, Fremont, or Columbus.

Thank you to Mount Olive Lutheran Church for your partnership with Mosaic!