Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Mosaic in Northern Colorado

Mosaic in Northern Colorado hosted its sixth annual Partners in Possibilities fundraising event June 8, welcoming nearly 100 guests for lunch at the Fort Collins Hilton Hotel. Approximately $20,000 was raised to support Mosaic’s mission of providing a life of possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities. 

Community members heard testimony from Alexis Dickson, a host home provider for Mosaic. Alexis shared experiences providing direct care for a person with developmental disabilities and how it changed her life. 

“The social interactions and communities that we connect with go far beyond inclusivity for individuals with disabilities and more toward experiencing the full capacity of the human heart,” she said. “Mosaic recognizes the importance of including services that help foster the way we, as caregivers, can help build a more meaningful life. 

“For caregivers with Mosaic, we find that when we take the time to go the extra steps, this circle becomes complete. The people whom we serve and devote our lives to, end up fulfilling our own lives in meaningful ways.  It is a purpose within a purpose when we notice one day that the roles have been reversed and the people whom we serve have been affecting our lives in profoundly positive ways.

“My life has come full circle in so many meaningful ways now that Zachary is part of our host family. Mosaic’s mission now continues with us living and working together as a team transcending boundaries and realizing each other’s full potential and dreams.”

Mosaic in Northern Colorado is appreciative to all who made a financial gift. With the possibility of cuts to Medicaid funding on the state and federal level, donor support is more important than ever. (Medicaid funding makes up about 96 percent of Mosaic’s funding.)