Mary meets Bret Michaels backstage
Mary Backstage
Monday, February 13, 2017
Mosaic in Connecticut

Mary is a person with a big smile and a sunny disposition. She has received services from Mosaic for more than 20 years.

“Mary is 82 going on 19,” said Holly Coomb, the assistant direct support manager at one of Mosaic’s assisted living homes in New London County. “She’s a party lady, and always young
at heart!”

Bret Michaels is a musician and songwriter, and reality TV star. He is the lead vocalist of the popular glam metal band Poison and a successful solo performer.

A few years ago, Mary became hooked on a reality TV show starring Bret Michaels. She would not miss an episode. One day, she proclaimed that he was her boyfriend. She has been faithfully attending his concerts
ever since.

At a concert last fall at the Twin Rivers Event Center in Rhode Island, Mary was fortunate to be sitting up close. “Bret Michaels saw Mary rocking it out – she actually gave herself a sore shoulder!” Holly said. Then Mary was invited to go backstage to meet Bret in person after the concert.

It was a long wait and at one point Mary sighed and said, “I’m tired. I want Michaels.” A funny thing began to happen, however. Little by little, Mary was pushed to the front of the line by good-hearted concert attendees. When the band’s drummer came out to visit, he spent quite a bit of time with Mary, apparently smitten with her vivacious personality.

“Mary is a magnet,” Holly said. “Everyone who meets Mary instantly loves her.”

The wait was well worth the effort.

Bret Michaels gave Mary the positivity she deserved, as a long-time loyal fan. He signed her Bret Michaels CD, her Bret Michaels banner, and her Bret Michaels coaster, and even posed for photos with Mary.

Mary listened to the CD all the way home and carried it everywhere she went during the week. She seems content letting the music sustain her until the next Bret Michaels concert comes to town!

Photos by Holly Coomb

Music is important to many people, and may be especially beneficial to those who have disabilities. Mosaic thanks the George A. and Grace L. Long Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee for a grant supporting our Music Therapy Program.

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