Executive Director Carol Mau
Monday, May 22, 2017
Mosaic in Central Iowa

 by Carol Mau, Executive Director

Giving a voice to those we serve has always been a central part of Mosaic’s mission. We believe everyone has a voice, even if they don’t use words to communicate, and we are called to advocate on behalf of those we serve. 

At Mosaic, we often talk about two kinds of advocacy: “big A” and “little a.” “Little a” advocacy is what our Mosaic employees and Mosaic at Home independent contractors do every day. They make sure the people we serve get to make choices about their lives—from where they might one day want to vacation, to what outfit they want to wear for the day and what they’d like for breakfast—and they support those we serve to get involved in their communities in ways that fulfill their personal definition of a meaningful life. “Big A” advocacy involves making sure each person’s voice is heard on the legislative level, something we’ve been asking for your help with recently. 

I’m so proud of our Mosaic self-advocacy group, HAPI, whose trip to the Capitol you can read about in this newsletter. I’m thankful for the parents, guardians, donors and volunteers who have answered the call to be Mosaic Allied Voices volunteers and contacted their elected officials regarding proposed legislation that could devastate funding for those
we serve. 

If you are interested in helping us with “little a” advocacy, the best way is by attending a Discover the Possibilities lunch and learn at our office or by inviting others to attend and get connected to our mission. If you’d like to help with “big A” advocacy, please go to mosaicalliedvoices.org and sign up to receive action alerts regarding legislative issues as they pertain to Mosaic. 

Thank you to each and every one of you for your partnership in our mission of advocating for the people we serve. Their voices matter, your voices matter, and together, we will continue to create lives of possibilities for adults with intellectual disabilities here in Central Iowa.