People dance at the party.
Friday, February 10, 2017
Mosaic in Rockford

Prom night is an experience most students will never forget, but some people don’t get a chance to attend the traditional dance. Thanks to our donors of Olive Garden, Rockford Park District, PepsiCo and local photographers and DJ, adults with special needs get the opportunity to dance the night away. 

The annual formal for adults with disabilities was held at the Webbs Norman Center. The Winter Wonderland-themed dance was open to our donors, parents and guardians, staff and all people in service.The people love this event, as it is their time to spend with friends in the Mosaic in Rockford agency as well as get a chance to dress up and dance the night away. This was Mosaic’s second annual formal and, because it was a success once again, we will definitely have it next year.

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