Tori's Book Reading
Friday, February 3, 2017
Mosaic in Winfield
by Nancy Maier

Here at Mosaic we try hard to help the people we serve reach their dreams and goals.

Tori’s dream was to write poems and to have them published. Tori and I worked more than 2 years together. She would write poems in her journals and, every couple of months, she would come in and dictate them to me. I would type them up, file them, and wait for more.

My friend Ann attended a Discover the Possibilities mission tour last summer. I knew that she had recently published two books of her own and asked her to guide me in the right direction. She introduced me to Roy, a published author/poet who knew exactly how to help us out.

We sent him Tori’s poems, a dedication, a biography page, and back cover and front cover photo. He put it together and sent it off to Amazon for us. He order 100 to be printed.

Tori’s perfect day was when she received 50 of those books and opened the box and saw her own book with her name on it!

She held two successful book readings and signings in November and December at Graves Drug in Arkansas City, Kansas, and College Hill Coffee in Winfield, Kansas. She had a wonderful turn-out and is hoping to do something with Roy in Wichita soon.

Tori is a wonderful ambassador for Mosaic. She invites people to our tours, was a table captain at our Partners in Possibilities event this past October, and she loves to share her poems and passion with everyone. She is proud of her job at the coffee shop at Graves Drug in Ark City and loves that she helps people wake up in the morning!

If you would like to meet Tori, purchase one of her books, and hear a poem or two, please come to one of our upcoming Discover the Possibilities mission tours.

The good news is that Amazon is on a second printing and Tori has started writing poems for book two!

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