Welcome Vantage Group

Mosaic welcomes Vantage employees, people supported and their families & guardians.

Here you’ll find helpful information to learn more about the upcoming change as Vantage’s services become part of Mosaic. Make sure to check out the sections with information specific to people served, their families & guardians, and all employees.

Welcome to Mosaic

Welcome message from Linda Timmons

Mosaic is honored that the Vantage Board of Directors chose us to create a joined future. Our focus on high-quality, person-centered services, as well our shared mission and similar values, make it a perfect match.

Here’s a short welcome message from Linda Timmons, Mosaic’s President and CEO.

Learn what’s happening

What Does This Mean for Me?

Visit these sections to get information on upcoming Town Hall Meetings
where you can learn more about the change to Mosaic and ask questions.

A Mosaic Success Story

Daniel endured a tough life before joining Mosaic’s family. Today, Daniel is an award-winning artist with a life that will continue to explore the possibilities for his future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Vantage merging with Mosaic?
A: The Vantage Board of Directors recognized that the best way to continue providing high-quality services would be to become part of a larger organization that has more resources.

Vantage and Mosaic share a common mission of services, have similar values and both believe in providing high quality, personalized services.

Q: Will my loved one have the same services? 
A: Yes! Everyone served by Vantage can continue to receive the same great services they have now. If they want to make a change to their service plan, they will work with their team just as they normally do.

Mosaic will not make any changes to their services as a result of this transition.

Q: Will my loved one have the same staff?
A: Yes! Mosaic has invited all of the direct support staff and autism service employees to continue as Mosaic employees. 

Q: Will Rick Pittman continue as an employee of Mosaic?
A: Yes. Rick is continuing with Mosaic and will manage the integration of Vantage into Mosaic as well as help spread the current Vantage day support options and autism services across the state of Connecticut.

Q: Will my loved one still participate in the same-day support services?
A: Yes! Everyone can continue to get the same services in the same way they do now. 

Q: Will the Vantage services name change?
A: Yes. The Vantage name will no longer be used and all services will come under the Mosaic name.

Q: What value does Mosaic bring to Vantage services?
A: Mosaic has a national network with significant resources to develop and strengthen services. Mosaic can provide expertise in:

  • quality tools
  • marketing and fundraising programs
  • behavior supports services
  • compliance with changing regulations
  • complex Medicaid funding.

Mosaic’s government relations department can assist with advocacy at the state and federal level and amplify the voices of individuals served, families, guardians, shared living providers and others through our advocacy network, Mosaic Allied Voices. 

Employee-specific FAQs can be found in the employee sections.

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