The Government Relations Office advocates in two main areas:

  • Civil rights of people with disabilities.
  • The promotion of public policy that positively impacts the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. 

Mosaic's governmental affairs work is built on national partnerships to affect disability public policy at the local, state, national and international level, thereby affecting countless lives of people who have disabilities and their families. 

On this website, you will be able to sign up to receive action alerts, find your elected officials, follow issues that affect people with disabilities, find resources to help you as you advocate, read stories about people associated with Mosaic and find other websites.  

PLEASE NOTE: Section 501(c)(3) organizations like Mosaic are permitted to take positions on public policy issues. In addition, section 501(c)(3) organizations may encourage people to participate in the electoral process through voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, conducted in a non-partisan manner. Voter education or registration activities conducted in a biased manner that favors (or opposes) one or more candidates is strictly prohibited.