At Mosaic, advocacy is an integral part of the mission. As advocates, all constituents of Mosaic are encouraged to speak up for others. We especially encourage people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to speak up for themselves. We support them to help them express their needs, hopes and desires as self-advocates.

Self-advocacy is about social justice; and social justice is about full and equal participation of all groups in a society. It includes a vision of a society in which all people are self-determining. Social justice values interdependence - connecting with each other so everyone's needs are met. Working for social justice is about building power with and not over people. By working with others, we can create a world we want and deserve - not only for people with disabilities, but for everyone. At Mosaic, we support self-advocacy and embrace social justice for all.

Learn how to make your voice matter.

Training: The Power of One

Self-Advocacy Resources