Our Mission: to Serve in the World

Mosaic International was formed in 1994 to bring vital services and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities in developing countries and emerging democracies. We bring the legacy, technical expertise and experience of more than a century of service to those we serve internationally, as well as to our in-country partner organizations around the world.

Currently, Mosaic International serves in Romania, Tanzania and Bulgaria. Please visit our international section to learn more about this important part of our mission to create meaningful lives in caring communities.


Partnering for Change

You won’t find a Mosaic International office in any of the countries in which we work. That’s because we begin our work in each country by identifying a strong local non-governmental (NGO) partner. Our model of program development is focused on independence and financial sustainability. Each partner organization works towards being fully financially independent over time, while building strong programs and meeting the needs of individuals.

We provide technical expertise, resources and support for our partners in a consultative relationship while we build programs together. As partner organizations build capacity, their programs then become models that can be replicated and used to advocate for human rights and social change.

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