Mosaic is committed to providing quality services and supports to people in a responsible manner. Mosaic is also committed to operating ethically, with integrity, and in full compliance with the letter and the spirit of laws, regulations and contracts.

Mosaic fulfills this commitment to integrity because "it's the right thing to do."

The Integrity at Mosaic (I AM) program assures this commitment. The title, I AM, is a reminder that each employee must take personal responsibility to act with integrity.

Integrity at Mosaic (I AM) includes:

  • A Corporate Integrity Office made up of the Chief Integrity Officer, Vice President of Integrity, Integrity Director and Integrity Coordinator. This office oversees the implementation of the I AM program, integrity training, and review and investigation of integrity-related concerns. The corporate Integrity Office is also a resource for any questions related to I AM.
  • A Code of Conduct*, which describes the commitment of Mosaic to ethical behavior and specific standards of conduct required of directors, officers, employees, volunteers, contractors and agents.
  • A Confidential Reporting Program for reporting known or suspected violations of laws, regulations, contractual agreements, and the Code of Conduct without fear of retaliation. 

For more information about Mosaic's Integrity Program (I AM), please contact Mosaic:

Integrity at Mosaic
4980 S. 118th St.
Omaha, NE 68137
877.366.7242 (toll free)
integrity [at]

To report an integrity concern or violation through Mosaic's confidential Disclosure Program, please call 800.443.4899 (toll free) or send an email to integrity [at]

Privacy Practices

You are invited to review Mosaic's Notice of Privacy Practices.

Contractor information

If you are interested in partnering with Mosaic as a contractor or vendor, please review this brochure about contractor and vendor expectations for integrity.