Mosaic in Winfield partners with people with intellectual disabilities to provide a meaningful life in a caring community, giving a voice to their needs.

Mosaic in Winfield provides the following supports:


  • Group Living - Mosaic in Winfield provides 24-hour supports for several residential homes in Cowley County. The provided supports assist people on a level consistent with their need. Mosaic believes that each person is capable of growth, development, and learning when exposed to the appropriate opportunities.
  • Supported Living - Many people receiving supported living services are in their own homes. Staffing is provided on a schedule to meet the needs of each person.
  • Shared Home Program - Shared homes provide people the opportunity to live with and become part of a family in the community. Shared home services are available in both Winfield and Arkansas City, in addition to Sumner and Butler counties.


  • Day Activities Program - Mosaic offers people the opportunity to experience a meaningful day through social skill development, life skill training, and group activities in their communities.

  • Work Services - The work services program helps people meet their goals by providing opportunities to develop job skills. These skills help people obtain and successfully maintain employment on-site and throughout the community.


  • Case Management - This case management service promotes the well-being of people served by assisting people with identifying, selecting, obtaining, coordinating, and utilizing both paid services and natural supports to enhance their independence, productivity and integration.


  • Recreational Opportunities - Mosaic believes that people should be provided opportunities to attain wholeness of life, including the satisfaction of recreation. Community resources for recreation help meet the social and leisure needs of people. Trips to movies, sporting events, parks, and museums are vital to supporting growth in people's lives.

  • Spiritual Opportunities - As a faith-based organization, Mosaic encourages spiritual nurturing and growth. With the assistance of staff and volunteers, people are encouraged to participate in the religious services of their choice. Mosaic strives to work with all religions to promote inclusion within various faith communities.

For more information, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.