About Community Companion Homes

Open Your Heart. Open Your Home.

Make our mission your own.

Are you looking for a meaningful opportunity in your own home? Becoming a Community Companion Home (CCH) provider may be the right fit for you!

If you’re interested in becoming a Community Companion Home provider, contact Sandy Gregory, Quality Coordinator, at [email protected].

Once licensed by the state, Community Companion Home providers support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their home with assistance from Mosaic.

Mosaic is looking for providers who have a passion for this important work.

It is a rewarding experience for the provider and the person who receives supports.

People who choose to open their home and partner with Mosaic will enjoy:

• A Deeper Purpose
• Financial Compensation
• Training and Education
• Compatible Matching

Why Mosaic?

Mosaic is qualified through the state to provide supports across Connecticut. We provide initial and ongoing training, ensure mandatory health care requirements are met and help design annual plans focused on integrating the person served into home and community life.

As the supporting agency, Mosaic assists with the licensure process, redeterminations with the Department of Social Services and more.

Above all, we are an advocate for the providers in our portfolio. Providers meet monthly with Mosaic staff, who offer one-on-one assistance and answer any questions.

Advantages of being a Community Companion Home provider with Mosaic:

24/7 Support

Mosaic provides 24-hour on-call support to answer any questions providers have about the people they support. We also provide assistance in emergency situations.

Strength and Stability

Mosaic is a national organization with more than 100 years of experience.

Traning and Education

Mosaic coordinates training opportunities for providers, including sessions about behavior management, CPR and First Aid.

Purpose and Meaning

Mosaic is a private, mission-driven, faith-based nonprofit. We value providers who serve from the heart and know they’re called to this important work.

Customer Service

Mosaic provides a high level of customer service. We work with each of our providers on a case-by-case basis, assisting with paperwork and serving as a liaison with the state.

Team Approach

Mosaic uses a team approach to provide the best possible care to the person served, contracting with nursing and behavioral health supports based on need.

Monthly Compensation

In addition to compensation for services, Community Companion home providers receive monthly compensation for room and board.


Mosaic values connection. Opportunities are offered to help you connect with other CCH providers and with Mosaic staff to create a network of support.

Ready to become a Community Companion Home provider?

To learn more, contact Sandy Gregory, Quality Coordinator, at [email protected].