Behavioral Health and Autism

We’re a whole-person healthcare organization that meets people where they are.

Mosaic partners with families, schools and providers to collaboratively build support plans that promote individual success and happiness.

Our in-house team of board-certified behavior analysts meet people served wherever they are and find inventive ways to empower them to live the life they choose.

Dual Diagnosis Support

Currently, about 60 percent of the people we support have both an intellectual or developmental disability and a mental health diagnosis, often called a dual diagnosis.

With this in mind, Mosaic ensures the people we support have access to mental health care.

We also work to educate other professionals in the healthcare field about the importance of personalized support for people with dual diagnoses, including assessment and personal, strengths-based intervention and instruction.

In Western Iowa, we provide in-home support to people with mental health concerns, like Brandon, who says, “Other places didn’t do anything for me.” Read Brandon’s full story.

Autism Services

As the prevalence of autism continues to increase, Mosaic has put extra emphasis on training employees to serve as caregivers for people with autism spectrum disorders.

We equip our leaders with the latest research so they can make sure employees are supporting people with autism by providing a wide range of treatment and care.

Autism Caregiver Training

We’re focused on continuous learning because we know well-trained caregivers means better quality supports for the people we serve.

Mosaic offers a one-of-a-kind training experience for direct support professionals around autism spectrum disorders.

We partner with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), which provides several credentialing options for professionals who work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Since the program’s inception, more than 150 Mosaic employees have earned their autism certificate.

It’s just a wonderful way to grow our staff internally and grow our mission as a whole. Building our own experts internally helps make sure Mosaic’s mission stays at the heart.” – Nancy Potter, Mental & Behavioral Health Senior Professional