Church Relations

Working with churches and faith communities

Our faith communities are better when everyone feels welcome, but churches aren’t always a safe space for people with disabilities.

We’re working to change that.

Mosaic works with communities, pastors and other leaders to help people with disabilities find a welcoming home in the church. We offer support in a variety of ways.

Supporting Faith Communities

Mosaic works to help faith communities welcome people with disabilities. We provide support through coaching, curriculum modification, behavioral support and more.

Additionally, our innovative Rejoicing Spirits ministry helps congregations start new worship services that allow people with disabilities to be themselves.

Find a Rejoicing Spirits congregation near you.

Educating Faith Leaders

Most faith leaders want to welcome people with disabilities into worship and fellowship, but aren’t sure how. Mosaic works to educate future church leaders in partnership with seminaries and provides service learning retreats for groups on our Axtell campus.

Additionally, our relational ministry leaders are happy to facilitate worship, lead adult forums, preach and more.

Learn more about how Mosaic’s seminary immersion course helped Dara prepare for ministry.

Building Caring Communities

Community is core for all of God’s people. Mosaic helps congregations and people with disabilities forge meaningful relationships and connections.

Additionally, Mosaic works with congregations to establish special needs support groups that allow parents and families to connect and navigate the disability services system together.


We partner with families and communities by supporting people to build mutual relationships and become valued, participating members of their community.

The church is not whole unless everyone is welcome and included. —The Rev. Dr. David deFreese, Vice President of Church Relations