New Tagline ‘Real life. Real possibilities.’ Moves Us Away from Labels

We are pleased to announce our new tagline: Real life. Real possibilities.

Why Real life. Real possibilities.?

Real life is messy, complicated and beautiful. The people who make up Mosaic – both those we serve and those who serve – reflect real life. They bring diverse experiences, perspectives and beliefs to the organization, creating a complex, multi-layered mosaic of “who we are.”

Real possibilities calls to mind our past tagline, “A life of possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities,” and it’s all about Mosaic walking the talk. We say we’re about possibilities, and we really live out that promise by igniting transformation in our people.

The word “real” is key for us. We’re real here. We’re authentic and grounded; we are true to our word.

The nature of our work is real. It’s up close and personal, not accomplished at arm’s length. Our work is often as challenging as it is rewarding because we’re in the thick of it every day with people. But when we see a smile, when we see someone accomplishing a goal or realizing a dream, that’s real, too.   

Real life. Real possibilities. intentionally moves away from the descriptor “for people with intellectual disabilities” to better reflect the diverse group of people we support.

Today, we support people with autism; people with mental and behavioral health needs; seniors; people with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities; children and more.

We expect to be meeting the diverse needs of more people in the future.

With this in mind, we want our language to be inclusive, not descriptive.  

Rather than labeling the people we support – often people who’ve had labels assigned to them their entire lives – we’re focusing on the personalized services we offer to those who qualify to receive them, whatever their need.

However, we want to be clear. We are not walking away from supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We’re simply building a bigger tent.

This tagline represents one of several updates we’ve made to our organizational language. We will share more about our purpose statement, mission statement, vision statement and core values over the coming weeks.

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