Randall Donner
Randall Donner, Communications Senior Professional

Through Life’s Ups and Downs, Clergy Are There

Pastors need pastoring in the same way doctors need doctoring–sometimes, you need someone to look after your needs, even if your profession is about looking after the needs of others. That is good to remember and note during October, which is Clergy Appreciation Month. 

Every profession has ups and downs, challenges and rewards that are unique to that profession. The life of clergy members is no different. They balance caring for those they minister to with the needs of others in their lives–often spouses and children. They sometimes carry heavy emotions from their work, which meets people in many of the best and most difficult moments of life. 

They celebrate baptisms and sometimes pastor people through the traumas of childhood illness and even the burial of a child.

They celebrate weddings and sometimes become the spiritual counsel for troubled marriages. 

They see people do great acts of love and charity and sometimes see their darkest moments that need God’s redemptive touch.

The work isn’t done for a thank you or for appreciation, but it is always nice to hear. If you have a clergy member in your life as a minister, friend, loved one or even just an acquaintance, say a little “thank you.” It is a simple, small way to minister to those who spend their life ministering to others.

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