A Love Story Years in the Making: Jason and Dawn

Jason and Dawn on their wedding day.

What’s the last thing you think of before you fall asleep?

For the last 15 years, Dawn’s last thought has been Jason.

Dawn and Jason met at a Mosaic-run day center.

“He thought that I was pretty,” Dawn says with a smile.

It wasn’t long before the couple started dreaming about what a life together would look like.

After a few years of dating, Dawn moved closer to Jason so they could learn more about what they wanted together. Each day their relationship got a bit stronger. Over the next ten years, they were patient and persistent with their relationship.

Their love grew, and Jason asked Dawn if she would marry him.

Mosaic staff and friends helped the couple plan for their big day, sending out 150 invitations, helping with details like food, tuxes, flowers and much more.

“I wish you could have been there because it was a blast,” Dawn tells people who ask about their wedding day.

The day only happened because of an outpouring of love from the couple’s friends, family and Mosaic donors. One donor provided an engagement ring so Jason could give it to Dawn. A local florist donated flowers for Dawn’s bouquet and a local grocery store supplied food for the reception.

Today, Dawn and Jason live in their own home with their cat, Marly, who will often perch on the armrest of Jason’s recliner with his head on the armrest of Dawn’s chair while the newlyweds watch TV. They love to cook together, ride their bikes and volunteer in their community. Dawn helps Jason manage his diabetes and Jason keeps Dawn warm at night.

Their love serves as an inspiration to other people Mosaic supports who know that we will be there to help them achieve their wildest dreams, whether it be getting married, going to college or finding a dream job.

This post originally appeared as part of Mosaic’s Giving Tuesday series. Learn more about the campaign here.

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