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Called to be Bold Campaign

Called to be Bold is a five-year, $63 million campaign to build capacity to transform and prepare for the future of whole-person healthcare in the United States and around the world.

The Case for Bold Action

Campaign Priorities


Expanding personalized services

Mosaic will use a whole-person mindest to make personalized services our measure of success while expanding our impact to support more people across the healthcare landscape.



Equipping faith leaders globally

Building on the strong work of Rejoicing Spirits and Mosaic International, Mosaic will equip the next generation of faith leaders to support people with disabilities in faith communities in the US and abroad.



Supporting ongoing services

We are the changing face of healthcare, passionate about serving the whole person and partnering for quality outcomes. As healthcare becomes even more complex, Mosaic will continue to ensure that people can survive and thrive.


Make Your Bold Gift

Make a One-time Gift

Cash gifts are some of the most valuable contributions you can make to Mosaic. We're able to use cash gifts to meet the needs of the people we support immediately.

Pledge to Give

Pledges allow you to express your commitment to Mosaic's mission over an extended period of time. Once the pledge is complete, you're welcome to revisit your giving.

Planned Giving Options

There are many giving options that can benefit both donors and the people Mosaic supports, including gifts of retirement assets like IRAs, gifts of stock and more.

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