Impact Report: Fiscal Year 2022

High-quality, personalized services that can be sustained well into the future continues to be a priority focus at Mosaic.

“The focus of our operations team to ensure high-quality, personalized services and the COVID-19 funding together created the best fiscal report we’ve ever shared.” – Linda Timmons, President and CEO

Witnessing the suffering of someone in a county-run institution, our founder, the Rev. K.G. William Dahl, lamented: Is there no place for people like this to be treated with respect and dignity? His lament led to inspiration, and inspiration led to action: he founded the organization that became Mosaic. We follow in his footsteps, always seeking to find a better way to support and respect people.

We regularly talk about “empowering people” and “meaningful lives,” but what we’re seeking for those we serve is social justice.

Social justice is empowerment because people exercise the rights they hold—both as a citizen and as a child of God. It is a road to full inclusion, and it involves both micro and macro steps. 

On the micro level, empowerment is about the good things that happen in the lives of the people we support every day. That looks different for each person, and through personalization, our goal is to help people spend their days the way they choose. On the macro level, empowerment is about ensuring Mosaic is financially sustainable for the future and continuing our state and federal advocacy to strengthen and protect the services people with intellectual and developmental disabilities need and deserve.

This impact report shares a number of milestones along that road, successes we accomplished during Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022). The story is still incomplete—there’s a long way to go. In fact, some of the information you’ll see is an update to show our ongoing progress in areas like personalized services and quality.

This impact report also presents our financial report from Fiscal Year 2022. The focus of our operations team to ensure high-quality, personalized services and the COVID-19 funding together created the best fiscal report we’ve ever shared. I’m proud of the whole team for their work.

I’m happy to share this impact report with you!


Linda Timmons, Mosaic President and CEO


Mosaic is a whole-person healthcare organization reaching across 13 states.
Mosaic and its subsidiaries provide supports to nearly 4,900 people.
Services empower people with disabilities, mental and behavioral health needs and autism, as well as aging adults to live their best life.

People Served* by Service Type

*A person may receive supports through multiple services types.

Mosaic and Affiliates
Total Revenue for year ended June 30, 2022:


Despite economic uncertainty, Mosaic had solid financial performance in Fiscal Year 2022. Factors contributing to that include COVID-related funding; gifts, grants and estates; acquisitions and a conservative investment position.

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Supported Living

In-home support services show a high level of quality outcomes for people served.

Grateful Parents

Personalized services help people like Fred Trumble live life to its fullest.


Mosaic at Home

Mosaic at Home brought a positive change in Ryan’s life.


Called to be Bold

Thanks to our generous donors, Mosaic successfully completed our $63 million Called to be Bold comprehensive fundraising campaign.

Best Possible Health

Keeping people as healthy as possible is a priority at Mosaic.


Your Gifts Matter

Charitable gifts help with a variety of needs—such as a new bed for Hayden.


Mosaic Grows

Behavioral Technologies, located in Des Moines, Iowa, was one of two organizations Mosaic acquired in 2022.

Powered by Connection

One Mosaic refers to the organization being a national network with local impact.