Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Mosaic in Southeast Texas

When Jeffery moved back to his small hometown in Texas, he was without transportation services. It’s hard to complete even small tasks like buying basic necessities and paying bills when you don’t have a ride! Jeffery’s case manager, Tammika, worked for many months to help Jeffery find the right person to provide services for him. That’s something Jeffery says he likes about Mosaic.

“Everyone really listens and spends time to understand the situation,” he said. “They don’t just try to push something on you.” 

It hasn’t always been easy. In the past, Jeffery says, he has felt misunderstood by others. That changed when he met his new transportation provider and friend, D’Angelo. Jeffery said he and D’Angelo are alike, and they get along because they’re both easy-going guys. 

“Jeffery is always jolly, he makes the best out of every situation,” D’Angelo said.

D’Angelo provides Jeffery transportation to meet his basic needs (like going grocery shopping and to appointments) and much more. With transportation help from D’Angelo, Jeffery is able to get out more into the community and has joined a gym—a goal he’s had for a long time. The two even go to the gym together, taking their time to learn the different machines and create an individualized workout routine. 

They find other meaningful things to do out in the community like play basketball, billiards, and dominos. In just a short time, these two men have developed a great friendship and mutual understanding.