Scott's Song
Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Mosaic in Dallas

Scott Spitler is one of those people you never forget.

When Scott isn’t traveling the world, working or participating in events at Highland Park United Methodist Church, you can find him expressing himself through performance art.

As a member of Jesters (a performing arts group for Special Needs adults), Scott has been in seven original productions on stage, once playing a super hero called Fly Guy.

Local songwriter Bill Cox recently met Scott and was inspired to write a song about him.

Now Scott Spitler has one more thing to add to his list of accomplishments – his own song and accompanying video.

“Scott’s Song: How To Fly” is partly based on his super hero character, Fly Guy, and also based on his own journey.

Scott has lived in a Mosaic group home since 2007. Moving into the group home has given him the opportunity to spread his wings and be more independent, and Scott’s Song is a wonderful dedication to give him a voice and wings to fly.