Inclusion Inspires!

Become One of Our Partners

March is National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Awareness Month. Its purpose is to increase inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in all facets of community life. To highlight the month, our theme this year is “Inclusion Inspires.

At Mosaic, we pursue opportunities for the people we serve, so they can make their own choices that reflect their personal goals and desires. In order to do that, we depend on community partners such as volunteers, businesses, churches, charities, civic organizations and others to employ them, include them in worship congregations, offer volunteer and group recreation opportunities to them and more!

Learn how you can get involved below.


Volunteers are a vital part of Mosaic. Our work would not be possible without the thousands of local volunteers who advocate for disability rights, provide care and companionship to the people we serve, support our office staff and help advance our community relations work. Mosaic welcomes volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in empowering people to live full lives.

Community Partner

Businesses, social clubs and congregations: For those we serve, your partnerships would mean opportunities for employment; access to social activities; involvement in worship services; and a healthier, active lifestyle to help those served be an active and integral part of their communities. Email your local Mosaic agency’s community relations contact to learn how you can become a partner.

Discover the Possibilities

The best way to learn more about Mosaic is to attend a Discover the Possibilities tour. Our main goal at the event is to give you a firsthand experience of Mosaic’s work. To do that you’ll hear from people about some of the amazing things people we support have accomplished in their lives, and some of the ways they choose to spend their days.


The best way to ensure people with disabilities are able to choose what they want for their life is to advocate for them. Take your passion for people and turn it into action as a Mosaic Allied Voices advocate. As an advocate, you can help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have their rights and dignity honored. Sign up to receive updates on current issues and easy-to-follow action alerts.