24/7 Residential Supports

No matter what home looks like, Mosaic believes everyone should be safe, secure and comfortable.

Mosaic provides a variety of housing options for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With 24/7 Residential Supports, someone is present around the clock to provide personalized care.

Regardless of setting, we guarantee home will be a safe and secure environment where people are free to learn, grow and discover. Our employees and contractors make sure home is a place where people can rest, relax, enjoy time with friends and just be.

 24/7 Residential Supports

Group Setting

Three or more people live in a shared setting where support staff are present 24/7 to help people acquire, retain or improve skills related to the activities of daily living.

Supported Living (24/7)

People living independently or in a family setting have in-person or virtual access as needed to Mosaic support staff 24/7 to assist with personalized, individual needs.

A contractor provides a shared living environment and 24/7 support to help people acquire, retain or improve skills required for the activities of daily living and to be part of the community.
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Medical and Nursing

Available in all settings, people receive supports for the personal healthcare needs related to chronic illness and/or disabilities.

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