Services in the Home

No matter what home looks like, Mosaic believes everyone should be safe, secure and comfortable.

Mosaic provides a variety of housing options for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Regardless of setting, we guarantee home will be a safe and secure environment where people are free to learn, grow and discover. Our employees and contractors make sure home is a place where people can rest, relax, enjoy time with friends and just be.

Our Services in the Home

24-Hour Residential Support

In a Mosaic-provided home or state-licensed Intermediate Care Facility, 24-hour support is provided to help people acquire, retain or improve skills related to living independently and participating in the community.

Supported Living

Support is provided to help people live as independently as possible, whether that means helping them shop for groceries while staying within a budget, driving them to and from medical appointments or helping them learn to cook safely in their own kitchen.

Mosaic at Home

Services through Mosaic at Home build lasting relationships between people with intellectual disabilities and a provider contracted with Mosaic. Supports are designed around the specific needs and desires of each person. While sharing their home, the provider integrates the person served into the life of the household and the greater community.

Learn more about Mosaic at Home.

Respite Services

Mosaic supports parents and guardians by providing extended respite care for both children under the age of 18 and adults. Respite services ensure continuity of care when parents or guardians need relief for more than 10 hours per day or over multiple days, including overnight.

Only available in Colorado.