Hurricane Harvey and How You Can Help the People Mosaic Supports in Texas

As of this morning, all of the people Mosaic supports through group home (Intermediate Care Facilities) and host home services in Southern Texas are safe and accounted for. Several individuals have been relocated for their safety. Mosaic staff will continue to work with the state of Texas to ensure that host home providers and staff in group homes have the resources they need to support people.

We also may take a few emergency placements of people with disabilities who have been evacuated from other areas, thanks to our partnership with the American Network of Community Options and Resources.

Mosaic’s South Texas offices in San Antonio, Seguin, Alvin, Bryan and Spring will remain closed until we are sure it is safe for staff to be on the roads again. We ask you to keep the staff members whose homes have been affected and all those who continue to work remotely in your thoughts and prayers.

Mosaic’s leadership teams will be meeting this afternoon to work on a plan to coordinate with disaster relief organizations for recovery operations. Once we are able to assess our needs for recovery, we will share that with other organizations who can provide support. We know that this will be a long and arduous recovery process for the state of Texas.

If you would like to make a donation to Mosaic in Southeast Texas or Mosaic in South Central Texas to support our operations during this time, please use the links below.

Additional costs for staffing, transportation, replacement of damaged equipment, client needs and more occur in these emergency situations that aren’t always covered by state and federal Medicaid funding. Please note that we are only accepting financial gifts at this time, due to logistic and safety concerns.

During this trying time, we give thanks for our staff, the host home providers we work with, first responders, churches and other service organizations, and all who are working so hard to keep Houston safe and strong. Please keep them, the people we support and all in Harvey’s path in your prayers and thoughts in the days, weeks and months to come.

Linda Timmons, President and CEO, Mosaic 

Donate to Mosaic in Southeast Texas (Alvin, Bryan and Spring)

Donate to Mosaic in South Central Texas (San Antonio and Seguin)

Office Closures

  • Mosaic in South Central Texas (San Antonio and Seguin): Main offices will be closed on Monday and Tuesday in order to best protect the safety of staff. We will re-evaluate on Wednesday.
  • Mosaic in Southeast Texas (Alvin, Bryan and Spring): Offices in Bryan will be closed for the remainder of the day and may remain closed tomorrow, depending on rain. Offices in Spring will be closed through Wednesday. This office remains the largest risk due to its proximity to Cypress Creek.

Parents and guardians with concerns may contact the following Mosaic leaders in the southern Texas area:


Just wanted to let Mosaic in Texas know my thoughts and prayers are sent your way at these trying times.

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