Linda Timmons
Linda Timmons, President and CEO

Mosaic is Called to Love and Serve

We are called to love and serve.

That short phrase gives the reason Mosaic exists; it is our purpose statement.

I have served at Mosaic for more than 33 years, which means I have seen nearly one-third of the organization’s history unfold. 

In that time, I’ve watched the organization become better and better at providing personalized services for people. We now offer supports to people who want to live independently, people who live in host home settings, people who prefer group settings or one of our campuses, or even prefer to stay in their family home. We offer supports to children, adults and aging seniors, all of whom have diverse needs.

The thread that connects them all is our call to serve others.

That’s what we’re good at.

But what has kept me here for 33 years is not our mission to serve, but our mission to serve others with love.

Mosaic is called to love and serve.

To love means we value and respect the people we serve. It means we’re willing to put their needs first.

Examples of this are abundant at Mosaic. Last week we celebrated Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week. DSPs are at the heart of our mission.

When you watch a DSP in action, you see them asking, not telling. You see them walking with, not directing. You see them hide in the background so the person they support can be front and center and shine.

That’s love in action. And I get to witness it every day in Mosaic’s workforce that includes employees and contractors.

Six years ago, we celebrated Mosaic’s centennial. Our tagline for the celebrations was, “A Century of Service, A Legacy of Love.”

Both are important to Mosaic. When we look back on our lives, we will no doubt remember events and experiences. But more than that, we’ll remember the people who loved us, respected, encouraged and affirmed us, and helped make our lives better.

That is the core of why Mosaic exists. We are called to LOVE and SERVE. Neither is optional.

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