Randall Donner
Randall Donner, Communications Senior Professional

20 Years Young & 110 Years Strong

Two memorable numbers are important at Mosaic this year—20 and 110. As Mosaic, the organization celebrated its 20th anniversary on July 1. But back in February, it also celebrated the 110th anniversary of its founding. In 2023, Mosaic is 20 years young and 110 years strong.

In 2003, Mosaic was the name chosen for the consolidated services of Bethphage, founded in 1913, and Martin Luther Homes, founded in 1925. Because both organizations had strong histories of loving service, the decision was made to use a new name. Now, 20 years later, Mosaic consists of those organizations and several branded services that include Ease-e, a medical supply company; The Oaks, independent senior living apartments in Wisconsin; Soreo, an in-home support service for seniors and people with disabilities in Arizona; and Living Innovations, a disability services provider in Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. 

In 110 years, Mosaic has survived a lot. The organization is old enough that the recent COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t the first it faced. The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 killed an estimated 50,000,000 people worldwide, 675,000 of them in the United States. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention records three additional pandemics that affected the U.S. before COVID hit.) Mosaic also survived the staff and supply shortages of two world wars, multiple recessions and a depression.

Having a 110-year history truly gives Mosaic a degree of strength, but it also provides an institutional memory that is solution-oriented, ready to meet challenges head-on.

One of Mosaic’s values is Grit, which is defined as “persevering through times of uncertainty, making bold decisions and nimbly responding to change.” It’s that grit pushing Mosaic forward through the unprecedented workforce shortage today. Addressing the challenge, Mosaic’s President and CEO, Linda Timmons, wrote: “Medicaid-funded services are facing a crisis like none we’ve ever seen. Disability services, specifically, are at the breaking point we’ve been warning about for years.” 

The good news is Mosaic has been preparing for this for several years. Seeing the population changes in the United States, Mosaic planned for a day when fewer people would be available as direct support professionals. It’s part of the reason Mosaic has been expanding the places where it offers the Mosaic at Home shared living service. Not only do people supported through Mosaic at Home enjoy high degrees of personalization and choice, the service still can thrive with the reduced workforce numbers organizations are facing today. It is, indeed, a win-win, and it is now the most popular service Mosaic offers. 

The solution-oriented mindset, and the faith and grit which undergird it, will ensure Mosaic is here for the long-term future, responding to the call to love and serve others.

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