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Mosaic Elects New Members to Its Board of Directors

Three new members with varying backgrounds have been elected to the Mosaic Board of Directors and The Mosaic Foundation Board of Directors this year. 

Mosaic CEO and President Linda Timmons said, “We’re happy to welcome our new volunteer board member partners, as each of them brings impressive expertise and a unique perspective to Mosaic. They will help us further sustainability and growth to best serve those we support now and others in the future.”

New Mosaic Board Directors

Two of the three new members serve on the Mosaic Board of Directors, which holds in responsibility the trust and welfare of people who support and depend upon Mosaic. This includes those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and others with diverse needs, their families and loved ones, donors and the Lutheran churches with which Mosaic has an affiliation.

Weadé James, Ph.D., is Vice President of Organizational Advancement at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) based in Washington, D.C. AACTE’s mission is to “elevate education and educator preparation through research, professional practice, advocacy and collaboration.” With 15 years of experience as an education nonprofit leader, program manager and researcher, James’s areas of expertise include special education, disability laws and addressing early literacy. “Mosaic’s mission and values are aligned with my personal and professional interests,” said James. “I also like that Mosaic goes to extraordinary measures to deliver the highest quality of personalized services to the diverse needs of people it supports. I hope to help steer its strategies for growth and sustainability while advocating for those it serves.” James joined the board in October to begin her three-year term.

Elizabeth Willis is a retired attorney with a background in corporate operations, healthcare and insurance law and working with a board of directors. Residing in West Des Moines, Iowa, Willis is co-guardian to her granddaughter who has an intellectual and developmental disability and has been supported through Mosaic’s 24/7 residential Mosaic at Home service for more than five years. “Prior to Mosaic, our granddaughter lived with us for a number of years. I have unique, first-hand knowledge of raising someone with a disability, all the challenges involved and how profoundly you want the best for them,” said Willis. “I also thoroughly understand what families go through to find the right support service you can trust to make a positive impact on their loved one’s life.” Willis started her three-year term with Mosaic’s board in February. 

New Mosaic Foundation Board Director

The third new board member serves on The Mosaic Foundation Board of Directors, which receives gifts on behalf of Mosaic and oversees the disbursement of charitable gifts and investment income to Mosaic. The board is also responsible for the prudent investment and management of funds held in the Foundation.

Monica Balters, retired, has a strong and lengthy background in commercial banking and financial analyses. Importantly, she’s also very familiar with Mosaic as its former Wells Fargo relationship manager for more than 20 years. “I’ve always been an ardent supporter of Mosaic, because it serves those who are often so vulnerable,” said Balters. “Having a wonderful history with them, I bring a long-term perspective of how Mosaic has led—and been quick to respond to—ongoing changes in their industry.” Balters joined the Foundation Board in October to begin her three-year term.

Mosaic is actively looking for future board members to begin serving mid-next year. Mosaic is committed to ensuring the organization can effectively respond to the changing needs of a diverse population of people who rely on Mosaic for support and their loved ones while also supporting a workforce that is culturally and ethnically diverse. We strive to bring greater ethnic and racial diversity to our boards.

Would you or someone you know make a great addition as a future board member? Please apply here.

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