Sherry Bale
Sherry Bale, Communications Professional

The Summer 2023 Issue of Promise Is Here

The summer 2023 issue of Promise, Mosaic’s national magazine, celebrates March’s National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Month by sharing inspiring achievements people with IDD make when they make their own life choices that mirror their hopes and dreams.

Read about:

  • After a lengthy separation, siblings Nathan and Riri now live together again because of Mosaic and a Mosaic at Home shared living provider, who said she sees them “being a presence in my life forever.”
  • Mark, who just commemorated his 61st birthday and said “I didn’t think I would see 60 yet alone 61” due to a serious health scare that made him go from an independent life to one of dependency. 
  • Dorothy and Erin, whose once-challenging lives have become full and meaningful with the support of a loving host home provider.

On the more serious side, we include an eye-opening report about the direct support professional workforce shortage crisis—brought on by decades of low government funding. 

Finally, we observe the passing of the Rev. H. Walter Fruehling, whose father the Rev. William Fruehling was among the founders of Martin Luther Home, one of Mosaic’s two founding ministries. Later in life, Walter himself came to further Martin Luther Home’s mission.

We value and are grateful for your partnership in how we love and serve.


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