Linda Timmons
Linda Timmons, President and CEO

Mosaic Success Demonstrates Values in Action

Mosaic is a mission-driven, values-led organization. It makes sense, then, that we created our Fiscal Year 2023 Impact Report around our values of Belonging, Connection, Faithfulness and Grit.

Daily, in more than 700 communities across 13 states, members of the Mosaic workforce put those values on display as they help people with diverse needs have better lives than they would without Mosaic. In fact, a measure of success for us is how well we help people achieve their personal goals and follow their dreams. But we also need to have financial success in order to provide people the opportunities they seek. In Fiscal Year 2023, we achieved success in both of those areas. 

If you routinely read this blog or receive any of our mailings, you see the success stories of individuals. Our personalized services help people achieve things that sometimes surprise even their family members. When we’re able to provide the right supports in the right manner in the right environment, it’s as if magic happens for someone. It is truly a joy for me to see that unfold. I hope you’re reading and seeing those success stories, because they show our values in action.

Those same values are alive in the people we support. They not only find a place to belong at Mosaic, but through their acceptance of others, they give a place to belong. They seek and offer connections. They remain faithful to pursuing their goals—even when they struggle, and their grit keeps them going.

Please follow the link to our Fiscal Year 2023 Impact Report, and take a few minutes to read the stories (I promise, they’re short) and to check out our FY 2023 financial success. Partners like you—Mosaic donors, volunteers, family members and guardians of people we support, community partners and others—all play a part in helping Mosaic achieve success. It may be Mosaic’s Impact Report, but it reflects the work you help us do.

Thank you for being a partner in our mission.

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