A Good News Story

Generosity grows from a grateful heart.

I’m one of the luckiest employees at Mosaic.

In my work, I get to meet and interview people we support, their families, donors and employees. I’m often moved—and amazed by what I hear and learn.

The message is almost always one of gratitude. But it is sometimes hidden in other words and gestures.

Such as when a direct support employee says, “I wouldn’t do anything else. I get more than I give in this job.”

Such as when a person served who can’t connect sounds into words lights up and grins when they see their staff member.

Such as when a parent says, “Mosaic saved my life.”

Those are often heart-touching moments. Each one highlights the reason Mosaic exists.

Our visions states we are the “recognized leader in making a positive difference in people’s lives.” That statement doesn’t define a specific group; it simply says “people.”

That’s why I am lucky to do what I do. I get to hear the stories about how making a positive difference happens.

Mosaic hit its 105th anniversary this year. Imagine the countless stories—tales of lives improved by this ministry—encapsulated in those 105 years!

I recently interviewed a young employee who talked about his work as a ‘sacrificial job.’ “You have to put yourself aside,” he said. How often do you hear that in the world today?

Mosaic’s CEO has said, “Mosaic is a good news story in an often bad news world.” People who put others first, who act with love and compassion—that is an incredible good news story.

Thanksgiving asks us to pause and reflect on the things we’re grateful for. My list is basically endless (and my gratitude near continuous), but Mosaic is near the top.

If you’re reading this, you’ll probably understand why. We all need to hear good news now and then.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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