Linda Timmons
Linda Timmons, President and CEO

Forward in Faith: Partnering with People with Disabilities

Sunday, Feb. 19, is Mosaic’s 104th anniversary.

The Rev. K.G. William Dahl had a single-minded dream to build a home for people who, because of a misunderstanding of and hostility towards people who were different, faced limited and undesirable choices. In 1913, he founded Bethphage Mission, which, in 2003, joined with Martin Luther Homes to become Mosaic.

Pastor Dahl died in 1917, but in the few years he saw his mission come to life, he worked diligently to build success. Things were changing quickly as new people arrived, sometimes unannounced and unplanned. New demands required agile thinking and flexibility. The same can be said about the early years at Martin Luther Home after it began in 1925.

In some ways, the ministry today mimics those years. We continue to have a single-minded vision of serving people with intellectual disabilities. Yet the pace of change, with new demands and funding uncertainties, requires agile thinking and flexibility.

Mosaic is a recognized leader in intellectual disability services. We are setting a benchmark of providing personalized services for every individual. More than ever before, to meet that expectation, we will need widespread support and partnerships.

We envision Mosaic’s future to be an organization that creates and maintains networks of support for people as we help them connect with others in their communities.  Those networks will revolve around the goals and dreams of the individual served.

It is a continuation and reinterpretation of Pastor Dahl’s vision. As he did, we continue to make the vision all about serving people and helping them have a better, more satisfying life. But in today’s world, families and people with disabilities want that life to be lived in the larger community with enriching networks of friends and acquaintances.

In short, we are all in this together.

Mosaic is leading the way, but we know we alone cannot meet the dreams and goals people have today.

We all play a role – churches, government, businesses, individuals. 

On this anniversary, I ask you to think about what you can do to help Pastor Dahl’s vision continue to grow. The size of Mosaic and the scope of our mission is evidence that one person can do something to positively affect the lives of thousands of people.

You can do something to positively affect the lives of thousands of people.

Since the advent of public funding for our services in the 1970s, people with disabilities have not faced as serious a threat to their well-being as they do today. The people Mosaic serves are the faces of Medicaid and changes to that program being promoted today could be devastating to people with disabilities.

Please join me as an advocate for people with disabilities. Sign up to receive our Government Relations Digest to stay well-informed on the suggested changes to the vital funding for people with disabilities.

Were he alive today, I’m certain Pastor Dahl would ask the same.

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