Randall Donner
Randall Donner, Communications Senior Professional

Sometimes Less Really is More

We are pleased to share Mosaic’s new mission statement: Embracing God’s call, Mosaic relentlessly pursues opportunities that empower people. 

While the mission statement is new and revised, the daily work and personal connections it represents stem from our century-long tradition of serving others.

A mission statement identifies what an organization does.

While this new statement is more brief than our former mission statement, it is considerably more far reaching.

Part of it sounds familiar: “Embracing God’s call.”

Embracing is a very suggestive, active word. It has various meanings, such as hugging something and holding it close, but it also means to enthusiastically support or do something.  Mosaic serves willingly and with joyful intent.

But it’s not just about embracing the work, it’s more than that. Mosaic was founded by people who felt THIS particular work was something God wanted them to do, they heard it as a call.

It doesn’t mean everyone who is part of our mission is a believer, but that faith foundation forms the organization’s identity and values.

“Relentlessly pursues opportunities” gets to the heart of our mission. Relentless means to be persistent.

A view of Mosaic’s history shows an organization that never gives up and is always looking for new options that would help people live a more satisfying life.

Those opportunities are many: serving people in new ways, like moving from a campus to community homes to host homes; creating new partnerships and community connections, both for the organization and for people we serve; advocating with government decision makers to protect people’s rights and funding; and inviting donors and volunteers to be a part of the mission.

As our tagline, Real life. Real possibilities., suggests, Mosaic meets people where they are and presents real opportunities.

But the opportunities we seek are those “that empower people.” 

Each of us believes we should be able to choose what we want in our lives. That includes where we live, who we have relationships with, what we do for work, what we do for entertainment, where or if we go to church, etc. Mosaic believes those same informed choices should be available for the people we serve.

That’s empowering. We help people have a voice over their own destiny. They are able to live the life they choose, not a life someone else decides for them.

Perhaps the last word of the mission statement feels like the biggest change. It does not identify any particular group as the people we serve.  

Mosaic serves people with autism; people with mental and behavioral health needs; seniors; people with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities; children, and others. We meet many diverse needs. And that diversity will only grow in the future.

The new mission statement is intentionally brief, and the words were purposefully chosen. Lacking some of the specificity of the former mission statement, it reflects more truly all of the work Mosaic is doing.

Sometimes less IS more.

This renewed mission statement represents one of several updates we’ve made to our organizational language. We will share more about our purpose statement, vision statement and core values over the coming weeks. Learn about our new tagline! 

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