Thank You for Remembering the People Mosaic Serves this Holiday Season


Monday on the blog our CEO shared a story about how employees go the extra mile to ensure that the people we serve who can’t be with family (or don’t have family in their lives) can enjoy the holidays. 

Today we want to thank donors who give so the people Mosaic supports receive Christmas presents. Unfortunately, many of them do not have family members from whom they receive gifts. 

Every year most of our agencies hold drives to ensure that each person we support gets a Christmas present. And each year the communities where Mosaic is located come through with an abundance of presents.

More Presents

Included are just a few pictures of the hundreds of gifts that came in from our community and church partners this year.

Volunteers also donate so employees who work on Christmas can share festive meals with the people we support and even help throw Christmas parties.

As you prepare for the holiday with your family, we thank you for all you have done for your Mosaic family.

Even More Presents

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