Soreo Expands Our Capacity to Love and Serve

At its core, Mosaic’s mission is simply to love and serve.

For the last several decades, we’ve primarily served people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but that was not always true for our legacy organizations, Bethphage and Martin Luther Homes.

The first resident at Bethphage more than a century ago was an elderly widow who needed a home and someone to care for her. As Bethphage grew, people with various needs and abilities created a community. Often, they helped one another as much as the staff members helped them.

That diversity was represented at Martin Luther Homes, as well. While the foundational documents stated it was for children with disabilities who needed an education, within a few decades, photographs show that people of all ages had come to call the place home.

When your mission is to love and serve, it is hard to turn someone away who needs help.

Last December, we announced that Mosaic acquired a service in Arizona that provides in-home supports to seniors. Named Soreo, it serves more than 750 people.

Their needs vary. Some need temporary support, such as people working to recover from a stroke or other injury. Some need permanent support, such as people who have a disease that is aggressively taking away more of their abilities. Some need passing support, when age has left them weak and no longer able to do some things for themselves. (There is a lot of grieving involved when you love and serve seniors.)

We recently captured a short video of Ignacio, a man who suffered a stroke, and his direct care worker, Marie. Ignacio, who goes by Nacho, is determined and focused, wanting to get his strength back. Marie shows pride and love talking about how far he has come.

Bringing Soreo on board at Mosaic has been an exciting change. It takes us back to our beginnings by serving people other than those with developmental disabilities. It also moves us forward and expands our capacity to love and serve, the core of our mission.

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