David deFreese
David deFreese, Former Vice President of Church Relations and International Programs

Our Gratitude for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

With October being “Clergy Appreciation Month,” it seems most appropriate to express our gratitude for the pastors and ministry leaders with whom we at Mosaic are blessed to serve.  

Their faithful impact makes a difference!

We deeply appreciate pastors and ministry leaders who:

  • have opened doors with a welcoming embrace for people of all abilities; who genuinely delight in the marvelous diversity of all God’s children.
  • aspire to Jesus’ teaching of ruthless compassion, radical hospitality, and exhaustive generosity for all people created in the image of God.
  • embody that faith is being grasped by love, and make credible and concrete the grace of our God.
  • awaken within their faith communities an awareness of the vulnerabilities, hurts, and needs of others in this shared journey of life.
  • take God very seriously, others very seriously, and themselves, not so much; who seek to serve, but with a light touch and can readily laugh at themselves.
  • recognize Mosaic, the people we support, our staff, and our mission as vibrant partners in serving God by serving others.
  • understand that the parish is not their world, but that the world is their parish; who believe their serving must be beyond the membership of their congregation.
  • broker relationships between their congregational members and the people Mosaic supports; who set up “Pepsi dates” for persons to get to know each other and for friendships to form.
  • plan and coordinate activities with Mosaic and their faith communities that engender participation from everyone and empower life to be enjoyed together.
  • recognize that the people Mosaic supports have gifts to offer and want to contribute.
  • lead and relish the impactful ministry of Rejoicing Spirits that contagiously unleashes God’s joy for all.
  • have found creative, fresh ways to serve during this wearing pandemic.
  • in the face of disappointment and discouragement, have chosen hope over cynicism, love over bitterness, life over death, and faith over disbelief.
  • don’t let others stand on the outside looking in, but invite full involvement of everyone.
  • live love with the grace and courage of Jesus.

May I encourage you to encourage the encouragers of faith?  We at Mosaic are grateful.


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