Randall Donner
Randall Donner, Communications Senior Professional

Temporary Caretakers of a God-Inspired Mission

Ten years ago, Mosaic published a Centennial book, titled “The Reason We Exist: Stories of Mosaic’s Call to Serve.” Dozens of people were interviewed and ample historical documents were reviewed to create the content—100 stories, one for each year. Nearly all of those 100 stories were about people who had been a part of Mosaic’s history. Within a few years, many of the people who were interviewed passed away. Mosaic was lucky to capture their stories.

This year, Mosaic celebrates its 110th Anniversary. Many more people have become involved in the ministry in the last 10 years—while we’ve continued to say farewell to longtime friends who pass away.

But Mosaic remains.

In 110 years, much has changed. Yet, the organization has remained faithful to the call to love and serve others. 

One thing becomes clear when you look over the organization’s 110-year history. Mosaic CEO Linda Timmons says it well: “Mosaic is not a place you go, but is something you are a part of.”

Certainly, Mosaic has provided places where people live and places where they can be engaged. But Mosaic is bigger than that. Mosaic is alive in a way that buildings cannot be. Mosaic’s life is found in its mission statement: “Embracing God’s call, Mosaic relentlessly pursues opportunities that empower people.” 

That mission statement was written to intentionally remain open-ended about who is being empowered. It is as true today as it always has been that volunteers, employees, donors and families find meaning and purpose in being part of this mission. That’s empowering. People with diverse needs have been supported in some way with opportunities to do more and be more than had sometimes been thought possible in their past. That’s empowering. 

With the rapid change of pace in today’s world, Mosaic will continue to evolve to meet new needs in new ways. It will continue to invite people to be a part of something bigger than themselves—to join in some manner as temporary caretakers of a God-inspired mission. 

(To request a copy of “The Reason We Exist: Stories of Mosaic’s Call to Serve,” email [email protected].)

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