Randall Donner
Randall Donner, Communications Senior Professional

Celebrating the Diversity and Unity of One Mosaic

People sometimes talk about the “silver lining” or finding something good in a difficult situation. Coming out of a more-than-two-year pandemic (we hope!), a silver lining for Mosaic came from learning to work together in new ways across our 13-state network.

Mosaic celebrates that network every July 1. Mosaic was formed on July 1, 2003, when Bethphage and Martin Luther Homes united as one. It is one of the anniversaries we celebrate — the others are February 19, 1913, when Bethphage was born, and October 20, 1925, when Martin Luther Homes came into existence.

Our celebration of July 1 has come to be called One Mosaic Day, because we’ve learned to realize the strength of being a network.

Mosaic describes the relationship between the more than 300 locations across the U.S. as a “national network with a local impact.” Each location focuses on doing what Mosaic does best: serving people. The network helps provide support to that work through expertise in things like human resources and finance, compliance, fundraising and more. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought that working relationship to a new level. The national support teams made sure Mosaic locations across the U.S. had the information they needed and supplies, which were not always easy to come by. Plus, the different locations were supporting one another when possible as well as providing encouragement through a difficult time. As an example, when one location was hit with the deaths of a few people served, another location sent flowers and a card. This work is personal to many in our workforce.

To celebrate One Mosaic Day, we encourage locations to have fun events and participate in two national contests — one called Battle of the Batter and the other a Marshmallow Tower building contest. If you’re on Facebook, you can see the entries for Battle of Batter. (If you check it out before 5 p.m. Central on Friday, July 1, you can even vote for your favorites by liking the photos!)


Another piece of the celebration is inviting members of our workforce across the network to send images of themselves in the 2022 One Mosaic Day T-shirt. This year, our theme was Powered by Connection. Check out the video below to see the diversity of people and locations at Mosaic. 

In 1913 and 1925, when our legacy organizations were founded, Mosaic was seen as a place to go. In 2022, Mosaic is no longer as much a place to go as it is something you become a part of. The call to love and serve extends to everyone who shares in any way in the mission of Mosaic. 

Happy One Mosaic Day!

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