Bonnie paints a rainbow.
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

 by Vanessa Mason, Administrative Coordinator

Mosaic participates in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade almost every year. This year was my first time participating in the event, and I joined the planning committee, despite my already chaotic life outside of Mosaic. It is something I would do again. It was awesome because I got a say in what choices I thought would be good for the float. I still worked as a Direct Support Associate when I was on the committee and was with the people we serve every day. I knew what they would like most when participating in the parade. 

The theme we chose was Mosaic’s Lucky Charms. The committee and people we serve all helped cut, paint, and glitter horseshoes, shooting stars, and a big rainbow that would emerge out of the back of the truck. We also made and painted the railing that went around the float to keep everyone safe. 

Being on the committee wasn’t always fun. There was plenty of stress trying to figure out every detail with the rest of the members and getting everything together in time for the big day. But being able to see the joy and excitement of the people we serve – helping them be a part of putting the float together and walking in the parade - made it all worthwhile. Being on a Mosaic committee can be a lot of extra work, but it was and something I want to be a part of every year. The people we serve look forward to this event. Now, so do I.