Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Mosaic in Northern Colorado

Our Mosaic agency is very fortunate to have some of the best staff and providers in the area! Our providers are great at getting to know our clients personally and providing the type of support that works best for each individual. We will never truly be able to show how much we appreciate our staff’s long nights, extra miles and constant commitment to those we serve; but we thought we’d try by highlighting some of our great direct support professionals (DSPs) in a spotlight series! First up, Desarae Williams!

For the last 14 years, Desarae Williams has demonstrated a high level of commitment as a DSP, working with individuals Mosaic serves. Desarae works in our Support Living Services department, working with folks to increase their independence and work on self-directed goals. During her time as a DSP, she has built long-standing and meaningful relationships with many of the people supported by Mosaic. Whether that means phones calls off the clock to check in on an individual, changing her schedule to better accommodate those we serve, or by inviting someone we support to join her family for Thanksgiving dinner because she knows that is a difficult time of year for this person, Desarae always steps up to the plate.

She is also a friend to everyone she knows! This is such a gift to those she serves. One example is when she organized a surprise party for someone she supports who really needed a nice surprise. She arranged to have staff, friends and even our executive director hide at his apartment and celebrate him with cake, presents and a heartfelt “surprise” when he returned home. The look on his surprised face said it all. Desarae is a shining example of our mission in action.

Thank you, Desarae, for your hard work and commitment!

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