Janice Benson as an adult
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

In our last newsletter, we introduced you to a wonderful woman named Janice Benson.

From age nine months to four years, Janice lived in foster care. Her parents were addicts, and she was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). When she was an infant, they overdosed her on seizure medications to keep her quiet.

When Janice was four, she was adopted by Dave Benson and became part of a family for the first time.

Dave already had three children – Heather, David and Emily. With three siblings and her first real father figure coming into the picture, it was an adjustment.

“As an occupational therapist, I’ve worked with a lot of people who have not had adequate care,” Dave said. “Janice is not one of those people – I made sure of that. Janice is a fighter.”

About 24 years ago, the Bensons settled down in Colorado Springs and have lived in the same home ever since.

Though there is a mother-in-law suite in their basement where Janice could live, Dave wanted her to find her strength as an independent, adult woman.

He believed firmly that living away from the family would help her continue to grow and heal the scars of her early childhood. With this in mind, they started looking for host homes for Janice.

It was a tough transition. Janice tried several host homes over the course of four years before she found a home with Dolores, her current host home provider.

“That’s why we look around before we get married, right? To find the right fit,” Dave said.

Now, Janice has a job, and the people she works with really love her. For the first time, she has relationships with people outside of her nuclear family.

Being out of her comfort zone helps her family understand her as never before.

“We wouldn’t know if she wasn’t pushed into the world,” Dave said. “In my book, she’s got her Ph.D. in life! I think the work Mosaic has done with her has been incredible, and I’ve felt supported by Mosaic the whole time.”