Anthony and his manager Alan at work.
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

 by Jessica Frank, Independent Contract Program Manager

Anthony Croudy is served by our Mosaic at Home program, and I have so enjoyed getting to know him in my role as an Independent Contract Program Manager. 

In 1998, Anthony started his career with Colorado Springs Utilities in what is generally known to its employees as the Cable Yard. Over the years, Anthony has learned nearly every part of the cable stripping process that takes place in the Cable Yard. Tasks vary daily, but in a typical week, Anthony will assist with everything from cutting cables using the power and hand cutter, to slicing off the cable insulation and bundling the salvageable copper. This year, Anthony’s learning program has focused on independently operating the baler machine that compresses copper, and he is on track to meet this goal. 

Anthony, who rarely misses a day of work, is affectionately known to his co-workers by the nickname Grandpa. His manager of 15 years, Alan Freier, describes Anthony as “a self-motivated, hard-working, and wonderful employee. He is a man of few words on the job who requires very little redirection and oversight.” 

When directly asked about his favorite part of the job, Anthony replied, “making more money.”

He then added, “The nice people I work with.” With almost 20 years of service and experience, Anthony is an invaluable member of the Cable Yard team.