Wade with a person served by Mosaic.
Myriam with a person served by Mosaic.
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Mosaic in Northern Colorado

Mosaic in Northern Colorado is fortunate to have some of the best staff and providers in the area. They are great at learning our clients’ needs and providing the type of supports that work best for each person. In an effort to show how much we appreciate the long hours, extra miles, and commitment shown to those we serve, we shine a spotlight on two individuals who deserve recognition. 

Wade Vitany 

Although Wade Vitany has only been a direct support professional at Mosaic for one year, he has made quite the impression on everyone who works alongside him. Wade is reliable and always willing to work a variety of shifts to ensure those we serve have the support they need. He has an excellent relationship with everyone he works with, including the guardians of people he supports. Wade’s pride in his role at Mosaic is evident by the level of commitment and quality he applies to all his 

job duties. 

Wade is very focused on the health of those we serve, often working with individuals on different ways to improve their health. He also handles behavioral issues well; always remaining calm and in control of the situation. Because of Wade’s patient and caring demeanor, he provides excellent stability for individuals with behavioral needs. Wade does such a great job handling these difficult situations, he now trains the
new employees. 

Wade puts the needs of the people we serve first and is a great example of Mosaic’s mission in action. We are fortunate to have him as one of our direct support professionals. 

To learn more about working with Mosaic visit mosaiccareers.org.

Myriam Gardner

Myriam Gardner has been a host home provider with Mosaic for 20 years, caring for the same individual, Dale, the entire time. It is clear when you enter her home that Dale has become a member of her family. You find his picture throughout the house and special areas dedicated to his belongings and hobbies.

Myriam consistently goes above and beyond what is expected to make sure all of Dale’s needs are met; standing guard and spraying wasps that fly near him while they spend time on the porch or painting parts to fix his favorite miniature car. She has completely adjusted her schedule and life to match his unique preferences, often staying up into the early morning hours because that is what he prefers. 

Recently, Myriam begrudgingly needed to take some personal time, a first in 20 years. While she was apart from Dale, she frequently called to check on him and make sure he was doing alright. The bond between these two is undeniable and a testament to how Mosaic at Home works and Mosaic’s dedication to make sure persons in service are paired with the right provider. 

To learn more about Mosaic at home visit mosaicathome.org.