Friday, October 20, 2017
Mosaic in Northern Colorado

George - Whole Foods

George is no rookie when it comes to the grocery industry. In fact, he has worked for different grocery stores in Fort Collins for more than 22 years. George works part-time for Whole Foods.  He has been employed there for 10 years. Before Whole Foods, George worked for Wild Oats and other local grocers.   He enjoys his job and has nothing but nice things to say about the people he works with.  Having a job gives George the opportunity to embrace his true passion, the ability to provide for himself. For many of us, this ability is often taken for granted. George, however, understands how far he has come since he had an accident that left him with a severe brain injury many years ago, and takes nothing for granted.

George’s hard work and desire to provide for himself resulted in purchasing his own home 12 years ago; an accomplishment anyone would be proud of. With the help of his family and a contractor, he has been able to make several improvements and has plans for more, including new flooring and cosmetic updates to his fireplace. As George gets closer to retirement, he is mapping out when he can stop working.  He wants to assure that all his financial responsibilities have been taken care of and he can live comfortably.   He is also looking ahead to when his time on this earth is over. George has pre-planned his final arrangements and is making monthly payments so that the burden is not left to his siblings when he passes.

George is like so many other people working hard to provide for themselves. He is focused on his goals and determined to see them through. George is contributing to his community in meaningful ways.  He is committed to tackling the challenges his disability brings to live the life he wants to live and provide for himself. 

#InclusionWorks, George is a great example of what someone with an intellectual disability can accomplish when given the opportunity and support to reach their goals.